The Cheesy Home Video

The Cheesy Home Video is a must for any true bastard. It's pretty tough to find, but if you keep bothering record store people you'll get it eventually. Although the video centers on an El Bastardo fishing trip (with Bob C Cock - the C is for Cock! - as a special guest), the video shows the band on and off stage in their European tour of 1992 and on their tour with Anthrax and Public Enemy. Oh, it also has the complete videos for John the Fisherman, Jerry was a Racecar Driver, and Tommy the Cat.

Bob C Cock interviews Tim Alexander:

Bob: Bob C Cock here; I think we're somewhere off the coast of Madagascar. I'm talking here to Mr. Tim Alexander, who plays drums and stuff...for Primus!

Bob: So tell me, Tim: is this adventure in the brighny deep tingling your loins, like me?

Tim: ...

Bob: Tim doesn't really speak much ever since the accident with a polo mallet, but I'm sure later on we can get something out of him.

"It's PRIMUS - pure psychadelia for the 90s. Notice the colors, the shapes, the hues, the forms: it's a beautiful thing. It's PRIMUS, ya know?"

"Hey! There's the band right there!"

The Video begins following Primus on their first European tour in 1991. Among the highlights was getting yelled at by a rather large security guard, and Herb getting an unexpected visit while in the stall.

Primus performs an unplugged version of John the Fisherman. Later, Les "trades 4s" with the DJ from Public Enemy before jamming on Tommy the Cat. Primus's version of Here Come the Bastards with that Indian guy also appears.

Back on El Bastardo, Les attempts to catch the migh'y Sturgeon. Ler caught a Tuna, Herb got bait down his pants. It turned out to be a rather disappointing fishing trip, but the "bum tickler" made things worthwhile.